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Drawing to appropriately and competently separate the available area is often the preliminary step in performing building or refurbishing projects, like bathroom makeover. This step will prevent you from missing out on critical specifications. After all, the service providers as well as the other individuals who will be working with you need a point of reference, too.

However, there’s more to preparing an effective layout for a bathroom than knowing what to put inside. You also ought to take into consideration where to place it, the way you desire to put it, what else you need, and how to handle space. Below are a few suggestions on how to plan and prep your bathroom.

Function is Vital

A bathroom doesn’t need to be showy as long as it enables you to do the things you need to do with ease. Plan your bathroom by thinking about its function, along with the identified common users. Identifying its main purpose will allow you to choose which accessories are necessary and which you can do away with.

Mind the Space

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One challenge in remodeling a bathroom is that you only get to use a small space, often a space that’s smaller than your own room. Installing bathroom fixtures in this kind of a space will test your capacity to get innovative without neglecting your need for elbow room. Make sure the accessories suit the space needs for Seattle bathroom remodeling in order that it doesn’t end up too cramped.

Follow the Code

If you want the type of bathroom remodel Seattle homeowners prefer, perhaps it’s time to consult the bible of bathrooms. There are various rules or codes set by various authorities and bodies, but the one established by the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) is thought of to be among the most vital to follow. It consists of info on the suitable dimensions and correct placements of components in a bathroom. Preferably, you may also speak with the local and federal building codes.

You can get a copy of the NKBA’s bathroom planning standards on the Internet at; or review an edition of it at For more strategies on bathroom remodeling and bathtub refinishing Seattle citizens carry out, see

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